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Ecommerce Description

What is Ethniv?

Ethniv is online Ecommerce giant covering all the retail and wholesale requirements for all the Global market specially for the Caribbean personal and commercial needs.User can search through million of orders sold by thousands of sellers from comfort of their home or office and even from abroad and the good will be ready for pickup or delivery at their home town without headache of money conversation and hassle of searching through local directory to find the right shop/ service provider.

Why Ethniv and why not others?

Ethniv is spreading across the Caribbean countries like no one before and local stores to mega chain stores all the sellers and service providers will be available online. Under one roof a customer can order from any of the stores selling products of different categories from home and hardware to groceries, zoo ticket to spa services, lighting and electrical to foods and pay using their favorite currency whether local or global currencies like from JMD to US$ or GBP while residing at home or even abroad.

Customers can gift amount using gift card to their friends or relatives for purchasing and using that in affiliated local stores.

Customers can pay using digital currency remaining from other Ethniv services like Voice to Ethniv Stores.


Responsive fluid web to use in mobile, tab, desktop or laptop anytime you need to use.

Clean user Administration section to track your purchase or sales order payment system, addresses or even access customer service.

Redeem gift card sent by friends or relatives.

Use digital balance to get discount on products from Ethniv Store.

Order for your home from abroad for your friend or family to receive items without hassle.

View or pay using your favorite currency.

Shop from any country without going through different websites, all products under one website.

Secure payment system.

Technology we used?

Responsive fluid framework, high end graphical interfaces, latest web based languages like HTML5, CSS3, secured front end scripts and language like Angular Js by Google, JavaScript, J query, secure Backend using .net from Microsoft, Secure and encrypted database using Microsoft SQL Server, renowned financial giant like NCB permitted financial gateways.

Backed by?

Leading marketing experts, technically upgraded architects, creative designers, professional programmers, attentive database administrators, round the clock customer support.



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